A Family History Website is about your family right? Having said that, you probably need to get an idea of exactly what you want to accomplish with your website before you set about building it. If you are looking for just a datadump then using the built in tools of your favourite genealogy program may be sufficient for your needs. Most genealogy programs include the abilityy to generate webpages based on your data, and if that is all you want then go for it, case closed, project complete, right? HOWEVER, if you seek more than that, there are many tools available to you, most of which are free or extremely inexpensive.



A basic website built on the Joomla! CMS could include:

  • Blog component
  • Comments Component
  • Genealogy component
  • Registration and membership capability
  • PhotoGallery
  • Newsletter
  • Backup component
  • Links page
  • Editor


Includes above components as well as:

  • Forum
  • Community Builder
  • Forms Builder


  • Database Links