To build a basic Blog for Joomla! use Joomla! itself

  1. Go to Content -> Category Manager -> Add New Categor -> Name it Blog, enter a brief description of your blog and "Save and Close"
  2. Go To Content -> Article Manager -> Add New Category -> write your first article and be sure to select Blog in the Category pull down so that the article is displayed in your Blog

Next you need to set up your Blog in your Menu.

  1. Go to Menu you want to link your blog to Menu -> Menu Name -> Add new Menu Item, name the item something like "Family Blog" in Menu Title
  2. For Menu Item type select Category Blog
  3. Under Required Settings -> Choose a Category -> select the category name you chose above (Blog in the example above)
  4. Under Category Options -> To start with Select Category Title and Category description to show. you can modify these later to suit your preferences
  5. Under Article options -> set Publish date to show. Again this can be modified later
  6. "Save and Close"